Now open for Lunch from 11am to 3pm!



  • Misoshiru - $5

    With Japanese omakase daily vegetable, organic mitsuba, and organic tofu

  • Eryngii Scallops- $13

    Shio koji marinated seared king oyster mushrooms over sweet miso butter creamy polenta

  • Jumbo Crispy Vegan Gyoza - $14

    4 pieces of jumbo gyoza, filled with garlic tofu, farmed veggies, glass noodles, and spices, served with a side of sesame ponzu

  • Garlic Edamame - $6

    Wok sizzled with garlic and Japanese red pepper for a soothing aroma

    Inari Pockets - $13

    Inari stuffed with forbidden rice, chopped spicy eryngii, topped with chili flakes, eel sauce, furikake, and chef blend

  • Vegan Bao Buns - $14

    Freshly steamed bao buns filled with miso shiitake mushroom, sun dried tomatoes, sweet shoyu glaze, chimichurri mayo, cilantro and pickled red onions

  • Agedashi Tofu - $9

    Tofu lightly battered with Japanese purple yam and served with our house tsuyu sauce

  • Super Jumbo Karaage - $12

    Crispy battered curry no-chicken, with a dengaku miso sauce, chimichurri mayo, fresh red onion, and dressed organic micro cilantro

  • Brussels Sprouts Skillet - $15

    Crispy brussels sprouts glazed with sweet wasabi mayo and house gravy, topped with chili thread

  • California Roll

    Vegan no-crab, avocado, cucumber

  • Spicy No Tuna Roll

    Spicy no tuna, cucumber, sprouts, Masago pearls

  • No-Shrimp Tempura Roll

    Panko no-shrimp, avocado, cucumber, white sesame seeds

  • Caterpillar

    In: crispy miso shitake, panko-crusted no-shrimp, cucumber
    Out: fresh avocado
    Top: eel sauce, sweet miso blend

  • Spyder (JUMBO)

    No-crab, cucumber, kaiware, gobo, crispy enoki mushroom, wrapped in soy paper.

  • Crunchy

    In: no-crab, cucumber, avocado, no-shrimp
    Top: crunchy tempura beets, shoyu glaze


  • Omakase Bento Box


  • Nigiri - (2 Piece - $7)

    Tomato, Eggplant, Red Bell Pepper, Orange Bell Pepper, Jalapeño, Iniri, Eryngii, Avocado. (two-piece or eight-piece of sampler chefs’ choice)

  • Cherry Blossom - $19

    In: thinly sliced tofu cutlets, pickled carrots, cucumber, vegan cream cheese, crispy fuji apples Top: cherry yuzu aioli, and massage aware rice pearls

  • Little Italy - $19

    In: a medley of Japanese mushrooms, tempura enoki, miso glazed shiitake, and seared eryngii. Top: avocado, Italian inspired aioli and finished with seared slices of fresh rainbow tomatoes.

  • Caterpillar - $18

    In: crispy miso shiitake, panko no-shrimp, cucumber. Top: fresh avocado, sweet shoyu, spicy aioli.

  • Believer - $19

    In: avocado, no-shrimp, no-cream cheese Top: no-spicy tuna, spicy aioli, sweet shoyu, torched and seared.

  • Queen Dragon - $20

    in: no-shrimp tempura, avocado, no-crab, cucumber top: eggplants, avocado, eel sauce, and sweet potato crispy strings

  • Crispy Forbidden Rice - $20

    in: forbidden bed of crispy rice top: spicy no-tuna, jalapeno slices, yuzu aioli, eel sauce, and chef blend

  • Eye Of The Veggie - $21

    in: pickled carrots, cucumber, bell pepper, avocado, eryngii, sweet potato crispies out: seaweed nori, marinated thin daikon radish, and spicy ponzu

  • Lucky Jade - $19

    in: avocado, vegan cream cheese, asparagus, cucumber top: smoked jalapeños, chimichurri mayo, and chef blend

  • King Minato - $19

    in: no-crab, cucumber, avocado top: flamed torched eryngii, yuzu aioli, eel sauce, and curly negi onions

  • Mango Kolbito - $19

    in: No-shrimp tempura, no crab avocado, cucumber top: Sweet mango, bell pepper, julienne red onions, cilantro, and ponzu sauce

  • Trinity Bell - $19

    In: no-spicy tuna, pickled carrots, cucumber Top: marinated and torched blend of bell peppers, jalapeños, with amakara sauce and lime zest

  • Stressed Out - $21

    In: smoked tofu, no-cream cheese, avocado
    Top: radiant flash fried pickled smoked jalapeño (fried)

  • The Classic

    Handcrafted triple-thick noodles and classic broth topped with bamboo shoots, wakame seaweed, tofu no-chasiu, crispy kabocha pumpkin, sautéed bean sprouts, green onions, and garlic chips

  • Red Edition

    Fermented spicy takano-tsume red hot chili pepper, garlic, red paprika, soy bean sesame oil

  • Black Edition

    Fermented roasted garlic oil with natural bincho charcoal for 18 hours

  • Spicy Miso Edition

    Akadama spice ball (five red pepper spice blend) and shinshu miso

  • Tantanmen

    Handcrafted triple-thick noodles and spicy sesame broth topped with wok-sautéed impossible meat, bok-choy, wakame seaweed, fresh corn, cabbage, sautéed bean sprouts, and green onions

  • Curry

    Handcrafted triple-thick noodles and spicy curry broth topped with tofu no-chasiu, fresh corn, cabbage, crispy kabocha pumpkin, green onions, and garlic chips

  • Triple Tomato

    Handcrafted triple-thick noodles and pure 100% farm tomato with konbu-dashi and garlic ginger fermented oil topped with bamboo shoots, wakame seaweed, tofu no-chasiu, crispy kabocha pumpkin, sautéed bean sprouts, steamed bok choy, green onions, and garlic chips

  • Vegan Ice Cream

    Matcha or Chocolate